Ask the Man in the Derby Hat


Lakewood Appraisal Services is a real estate appraisal firm providing estimates of value for persons and firms dealing in real estate whether buying, selling, moving, refinancing, for estates or divorce. Like your lawyer, accountant or Realtor's advice in property matters, Lakewood Appraisal Services provides guidance with respect to current or past market values for a wide range of uses.

In 1965, Wilfrid Groulx, with some partners from the new-home construction industry, founded a new real estate sales company in what was then Port Arthur, Ontario to sell new houses being built in the Grandview neighbourhood off River Street. The new company was called Lakewood Realty Limited and its motto was, "Ask the Man in the Derby Hat" since all the sales staff of Lakewood wore derby or bowler hats! The company continues to this day as the parent corporation of Lakewood Appraisal Services which is a registered trade name for the business. The derby and bowler hats, however, have been retired to the wardrobe department of Magnus Theater.

Tim Groulx joined his dad at Lakewood in 1974 and took over the firm in 1978. By 1980, the company operated Lakewood Realty as a real estate brokerage firm, Lakewood Mortgage Services as a mortgage broker and Lakewood Appraisal Services doing real estate apprasial work. The other branches of the firm were closed in 1985 and since then, Lakewood has focused solely on the appraisal of residential and recreational real estate in the City of Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario.